Whether actor, narrator or speaker:
As a participant, I discover the performer within me.
I have sovereign new registers of performance art.

What makes a good performance?

In a good speech, the content is only 20%, whereas the form, that is, the art of performance, is 80%.

    • I’m giving a speech to a congress,
    • I tell a story to an audience or in the classroom,
    • I play in a theater or in a movie:


In every kind of performance, our body is the “big player”.


His speech gives the speech the decisive effect.

A speaker trained in this way does not simply take on textbook gestures. This speaker speaks as a whole person. His speech gestures are organic. Their sizes, their quantity and their style differ depending on the speaker person. The listener experiences a unity between speaker and speech, he also experiences the unity between speech and its content. Thus, the speaker is credible and sovereign for the listener.

What I want to say arrives.

Is it possible – in a relatively short time-  to gain playful ease
to arrive so that I act as a speaker sovereign?

It is possible – even in a short time – by means of an intense method. It aims to awaken the “player” in us, the with a lot of enthusiasm for a rich arsenal of colors, sounds, rhythms, modulations and gestures. The interaction of these elements gives my performance
a self-contained unit.

  • The easier and more sovereign I am about my register of presentations more authentic is my performance.
  • The harmonious interaction of the presentation elements achieves a completely new performance. It’s my personal embossed art of speech.