Ways to the authentic SPEAKER, ACTOR, NARRATOR

my speech art

my acting art

my narrative art

My performance is shaped

of playful ease
of sovereignty and authenticity
of personal style

  • when I tell children a fairy tale,
  • when I speak as a politician or as a specialist speaker at a congress,
  • when I play a scene on the film set or on the stage.

I am the person (per: through, le son: franz, the sound), so the body,
through which the sound flows.
Authenticity is formed when the whole body becomes one
sounding instrument.

Whether actor, narrator or speaker:
As a participant, I discover the performer within me.
I have sovereign new registers of the art of performance.

What makes a good performance?

In a good speech, the content is only 20%, whereas the form, that is, the art of performance, is 80%.

         I’m giving a speech to a congress,
         I tell a story to an audience or in the classroom,
         I play in a theater or in a movie:

In every kind of performance, our body is the “big player”.

His speech gives the speech the decisive effect.

A speaker trained in this way does not simply take on textbook gestures. This speaker speaks as a whole person. His speech gestures are organic. Their sizes, their quantity and their style differ depending on the speaker person. The listener experiences a unity between speaker and speech, he also experiences the unity between speech and its content. Thus, the speaker is credible and sovereign for the listener.

Like the breath, like the voice flow through my body, so “flows through” my kind of speaking the listener:

What I want to say – arrives.

Is it possible – in a relatively short time – to achieve playful ease, so that I act as a speaker sovereign?

It is possible – even in a short time – by means of an intense
Method. It aims to awaken the “player” in us. He plays with a lot of enthusiasm by using a rich arsenal of sounds, colors, rhythms, modulations and gestures. The Interaction of these elements gives my performance a self-contained unit.

The easier and more sovereignty I am working with my registers of performing, the more authentic I am like performer.
The harmonious interaction of the presentation elements achieves a completely new performance. It’s my personal embossed art of speech.