The method

The teaching assignments at colleges of theatrical arts are each to teach the students the Grotowski method in theory and in the form of practical exercises. But in recent years, I have developed my own method. It’s called TRANSGRESSING METHOD (TGM). The Grotowski training continues to form the basis of my method.



What does she mean?

Within a learning module, the student goes through three phases.

In the first phase he works in a familiar way on his text in combination of various exercises and improvisations. The emphasis is on the conscious and emotional comprehension of the text (method: Stanislawski’s “Emotional Memory”).

In the second phase, the “game of the body” is developed. Targeted physical exercises solve the performer of the pure “illustrating” of the text with the body, they liberate him from “top heavy” representation. He finds access to a natural, expressive and personal style of presentation. The speaker “juggles” confidently with a rich arsenal of colors, sounds, rhythms and modulations. Inhibitions and cramps dissolve. His gestures are more organic, they no longer look contrived. Breath and voice flow through his body barrier-free. The whole PER-SON gets involved in the performance.

In the third phase, the new experiences of an intense play on the body are integrated into the elaborated text passages of the first phase. In this way, a new style of presentation is created, which leads the performer to a very personal style in speech and play. The still hither slumbering “player” in the actor has awakened. New form-rich registers of the art of representation characterize his performance. He learns how he can interpret his text by a new way od speaking.