The seminars

The weekly seminars are held throughout the day in seminar houses. For company is thus the possible to do the seminar internally, in any case in combination with the work time of the participants.

A seminar day (duration 5-6 hours) is divided into the following units:
Basic exercises on texts and body techniques, (Breath, voice, gesture): about 40% Working on the text in combination with exercises on performance techniques: approx. 30%, Single lessons: approx. 30%

The participants

What qualifications do I need?

Participants in all three sections (actors, narrators, speakers) will participate in the same seminar. Whether beginner or advanced: No special previous knowledge is required for the basic seminars. The basic exercises and the majority of exercises on performance techniques are the same for all three areas.


Which texts are being worked on?

The participant works on his text, which he brings. This can be the pleading of a lawyer, a political speech, a technical presentation, the monologue of a scene or a fairy tale. Upon request, the participant can also receive texts from me.


Are there any further seminars?

I also offer advanced seminars. The focus is on finding and discovering possibilities for interpretation of his performance.

Training courses on special sectors are possible. (e.g., puppeteer modules, etc.)


What about sustainability?

The newly acquired kind of performance, your speech, your narrative act or your scene play should not be lost after the learning modules have been completed.

Therefore, participants will receive a dossier with a series of exercises that they can continue at home.

For the same reason, the first module lasts at least a week. Only in this way will the newly acquired presentation techniques remain in body memory.